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I help brides to-be dealing with significant stress, overwhelm, family drama and communication hiccups that spiral into all out wedding wars.  I do this by offering practical, actionable strategies that allow brides to reduce stress, establish clear boundaries and gain peace, clarity and focus.

Since this will be one of the most important days in your life no doubt you’ll have many people that will want to share in all the details as you meticulously plot out the venue, food, entertainment, dress, décor, photographer, video documentation, and a million other little details along the way.

In fact, chances are lots of people will be oh-so-quick to offer you their help, opinions, and possibly even criticism.

Which is only one of the stress factors that a bride will face when planning her wedding.

A bridal coach can help guide you through the treacherous waters that go hand-in-hand with planning a wedding.

A bridal coach can help guide you through the treacherous waters that go hand-in-hand with planning a wedding.  These very commonly include:

  • Budget Issues

  • Divorced parents

  • Animosity with step-parents

  • Handling challenging guest issues

  • Unaccommodating in-laws

  • Friends and family members pushing their opinions on you

  • Cold feet

  • Blending cultures

You really can plan your dream wedding and still talk to your mother.

Beautiful, Brilliant and Blissful


Each bride is special, and each bride will encounter her own unique bumps in the road. To keep your bridal balance intact, a bridal coach can assist and guide you through the delicate minefields that you will have to navigate as you head to the altar so that as complex issues arise, you stay calm and focused.

Communication is key during the wedding planning process.  You’re going to have tons of people voicing their ideas, opinions and concerns. Most likely the most vocal of the bunch will be your mother.

No one can trigger a girl quicker than mom can, and when there is a wedding involved, emotions run high and the sensitivity threshold is low.  

If you go along with what everyone else wants, chances are resentment and anger will build up within you. These resentments will then be carried over into your new marriage and linger. Yes, I’m talking about your future in-laws here.  Let’s face it, you’re gonna have lots of family holidays after the dress comes off and your married life begins.

Handle The Stress, Overwhelm & Family Conflict

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 I can help you work through decisions and take the appropriate steps to ensure the choices you make are what’s best for you and your future husband.

While it’s very common for mothers to trigger their daughters, the groom’s mother also can experience triggers knowing that she will no longer be the number one woman in her son’s life.  

What I’m trying to say is, as happy as a wedding is, there are a lot of emotional minefields which can unexpectedly crop up and burst your bridal bubble of bliss.

I am an impartial person who understands what you are going through.  My background working in the wedding industry since 2004 has allowed me the opportunity to work with hundreds of brides closely and help them deal with the unique issues that come up.

With me, you will have a safe place to discuss your frustrations, disappointments, and challenges. I can provide well-planned strategies to assist you through conflict resolution and setting boundaries, and ensure that your feelings of guilt, anger and sadness are validated.

I am also able to assist in prioritizing budget decisions. This can save you hours agonizing over how to get the most bang for your buck.  ‘Cause weddings are expensive! 

Chances are you’ve accounted for all of the big-ticket items, but may have not considered all of the little additional costs that add up quickly and create significant stress as your wedding date draws closer.

Having a bridal coach will help you get a handle on your anxiety, overwhelm, sadness and stress so that you can walk down the aisle feeling beautiful, brilliant and blissful!